New Online Journals

Twelve journal titles were recently added to the Full-Text Electronic Journals web page for CDPH.
These are all “open access” (free) e-journals, and include some titles not found in PubMed, as indicated

* Applied and Environmental Microbiology
* Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (not in PubMed)
* BMC Biochemistry
* BMC Molecular Biology
* Chemistry Central Journal (just added to PubMed)
* Clinical Microbiology Reviews
* Environmental Research Letters (not in PubMed)
* Food & Nutrition Research (just added to PubMed)
* Health and Quality of Life Outcomes
* Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
* Nutrition Journal
* The Open Analytical Chemistry Journal (not in PubMed)

Most of these titles are available online back to Volume 1. See the Full-Text Electronic Journals web page for details: