More Dante for Your Halloween Needs: New Titles in Graduate Services for October

Appropriately, October brings The Cambridge Companion to Dante in a revised second edition. Forget those new fangled ideas of Hell, and get back to the original. Along the way, learn about Purgatory on your way to Heaven. Yes, there is that much more to reference when you dress and dance around like a devil–or an angel–on Halloween. But wait, that is not all: Cambridge is also prepared to guide you through Hegel and 19th Century Thought, while politics get radical and reframed by Chantel Mouffe and Nickolas Rose. And then there is some Latin poetry and a few Modern Authors Collection books from Lawrence and Pinter to string out the journey. You can’t leave Graduate Services with these books, but man the places you can go. Enjoy.



Dante Cambridge companion 

The Cambridge Companion to Dante (2nd Edition) edited by Rachel Jacoff


Hegel cambridge companion 

The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy edited by Frederick C. Beiser


The Vicar's Garden and Other Stories 

The Vicar’s Garden and Other Stories by D.H. Lawrence edited by N.H. Reeve


Dimensions of Radical Democracy 

Dimensions of Radical Democracy: Pluralism, Citizenship, Community edited by Chantal Mouffe


Various Voices 

Various Voices: Sixty Years of Prose, Poetry, Politics 1948-2008 by Harold Pinter


Powers of Freedom 

Powers of Freedom: Reframing Political Thought by Nikolas Rose 


Sannazaro Latin Poetry 

Latin Poetry by Jacopo Sannazaro translated by Michael C.J. Putnan


Vida Christiad 

Christiad by Marco Girolamo Vida translated by James Gardner