PubMed: You may have noticed some changes

The PubMed interface has changed! Much of what you may have been used to has been revised or relocated. Here’s a few of the changes:

  • PubMed Tools, such as Single Citation Matcher and Topic-Specific Queries (formerly "Special Queries"), as well as the MeSH and Journals Databases are now located at the bottom of the main search screen.
  • Gone are Citation and Abstract Plus displays; both have been incorporated into the revised Abstract display. Here you will find a citation’s MeSH terms, Related Articles, and more.
  • Looking for History, Limits, and field searching? You need to click the Advanced Search link to the right of the Search box to find these.
  • Selecting Send to: and Display options has also changed.

The new interface includes more changes than those listed above. Lots of details, with screen shots included, may be found in this NLM Technical Bulletin article. Please note that PubMed functionality has not changed, only display.