How to move references from OskiCat to RefWorks

Oskicat, the new UC Berkeley library catalog is here! If you want to import the references you find in OskiCat into RefWorks, here’s how:

  1. Search OskiCat
  2. Either:
    • If viewing a list of results, check the box to the left of each record you wish to add to RefWorks, then click Save Selected Records, or
    • If  viewing an individual item, click the Save Records button near the top of the window
  3. Click the View Saved button near the top of the window
  4. Click Export Saved
  5. Select EndNote/RefWorks under Format of List
  6. Select Screen under Send List To
  7. Click Submit
  8. Use your browser’s Select All function, then Copy
  9. Open another browser window and access your RefWorks Account. refworks logo
  10. Click References from the drop-down menu and select Import
  11. In the drop-down menu next to Import Filter/Data Source, choose Innovative Interfaces (EndNote/RefWorks Format)
  12. For Database, choose University of California, Irvine*
  13. In Import References into Folder, choose the desired folder, if you have already created a folder into which you want these references to import.  If not, make no selection here
  14. Select the radio button next to Import data from the following text.
  15. Put your cursor in the box below Import data from the following text and select Edit > Paste in your browser.
  16. Click Import
  17. All newly imported references appear in the Last Imported folder. Under View > Folders, select your folder to see the citations you just imported.  Also note the UC-eLinks icon next to each reference

*Note: As of Aug. 2009, RefWorks has not yet created a filter specifically for OskiCat/UC Berkeley; please select UC Irvine as a filter in the meantime.