Hours in Graduate Services: The Good News and the Not So Good but Not Quite Bad News

Starting July 6th, Graduate Services will be open earlier AND later during the week and on Sundays. The new hours are Monday through Thursday, 9AM-9PM; Friday, 9AM-5PM; and Sunday, 1PM-9PM. What about Saturdays though? Due to budget cuts, Graduate Services will not be open on Saturdays anymore. The bright side? This means you get an extra day off from your studies with a built in excuse. No more another Friday night-that-was-so-good-Saturday-isn’t-really-going-so-well-but-I-really-should-be-studying-right-now-though-I-can’t guilty feeling. Graduate Services is here for you even when we’re not. And now we will be open on Sundays again too. Just so you know, we will not take responsibility for your Saturday nights.

Graduate Services Hours for the rest of the summer:
Monday-Thursday, 9AM-9PM
Friday, 9AM-5PM
Saturday, Closed
Sunday, 1PM-9PM

These hours can also be found here.