New Toxnet and Beyond Guide Available!

Our lives are filled with chemical exposures. How do we discover more about these chemicals for ourselves and our organization? The National Library of Medicine’s Environmental Health and Toxicology Portal provides access to numerous databases that can help you explore environmental chemicals and risks. NLM just produced a new guide, TOXNET and beyond: Using NLM’s Environmental Health and Toxicology Portal (see below for pdf). This guide conveys the fundamentals of searching the NLM’s TOXNET system of databases in chemistry, toxicology, environmental health, and related fields. In addition to TOXNET, it highlights various resources available through the Environmental Health and Toxicology Portal.

Resources covered include:

* ChemIDplus
* Hazardous Substances Data Bank
* Toxicology Literature Online (TOXLINE)
* Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System
* Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Database
* Genetic Toxicology Data Bank
* Integrated Risk Information System
* International Toxicity Estimates for Risk
* LactMed
* Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and TOXMAP
* Haz-Map
* Household Products Database

and more! And, all these resources are free! Access the guide at: