New Journal of Physics celebrates 10th Anniversary

The New Journal of Physics, published by the Institute of Physics, is celebrating 10 years of open access publishing. There have been more than 2 million downloads and over 1,500 articles published.

Some fun facts from the web site:

The 3 institutions with the highest number of downloads:

  1. Stanford University
  2. Cambridge University
  3. Oxford University

The 3 most published institutions:

  1. Imperial College, London
  2. Oxford University
  3. Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics

The 3 most downloaded papers:

  1. BBN for pedestrians by James P Kneller and Gary Steigman
  2. From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter by V N Tsytovich, G E Morfill, V E Fortov, N G Gusein-Zade, B A Klumov and S V Vladimirov
  3. Building the quantum network by Chip Elliott

The 3 most cited papers:

  1. Status of global fits to neutrino oscillations by Michele Maltoni, Thomas Schwetz, Mariam Tórtola and José W F Valle
  2. Models of neutrino masses and mixings by Guido Altarelli and Ferruccio Feruglio
  3. Superfluid current disruption in a chain of weakly coupled Bose–Einstein condensates by F S Cataliotti, L Fallani, F Ferlaino, C Fort, P Maddaloni and M Inguscio