Bib-what? More citation management tools than ever!

EndNote. RefWorks. CiteULike. Zotero. Biblioscape. WikIndx. Who can keep it all straight? A new Wikipedia entry takes a stab at this! The article on comparison of citation management tools lays out the current landscape on these tools very well including commercial, free, and open-source, desktop-based, server-based and web-based tools. It includes charts on how they stack up on integration with word processors, supported platforms, import and export capabilities, citation styles and more. Very useful!

A new player that’s been sending out publicity and is not yet on the Wikipedia charts is WizFolio. It claims to offer a lot of the features of our existing Web-based tools like RefWorks, including PDF upload. If you decide to try this, please take a close look at the Terms of Use specifically with respect to granting the company reuse rights to any of your own materials you decide to upload.

Note: This blog posting first appeared in UC San Diego’s Biomedical Library Blog, and is reposted here with their kind permission.