Upcoming Free Spring 2009 Courses (from the UCB Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness) !

The following courses will be offered on the Berkeley campus at CIDER for free, if you do not want credit.


PH 253E: Ethics and Public Health in an Age of Terrorism

PH 253B: Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases

PH 252B: Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Disease Processes

To register for non-academic credit, please fill out the registration form at:


and return it to the Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness at 1918 University Ave, 4th Fl, Berkeley, California 94704-7350. You may also fax the form to 510-643-4926. If you have any questions, please call 510-643-4939 or send an e-mail to: idready@berkeley.edu.