SHERPA/RoMEO for publisher copyright policies

SHERPA recently announced three new features for its RoMEO online service: a News section to stay up-to-date, a Recently Added Publishers section, and RSS feeds of the twelve latest additions to the website.

SHERPA/RoMEO is an online service for determining your publisher’s copyright and self-archiving policies. You can use it to “find a summary of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher’s copyright transfer agreement.” Each publisher is color-coded based on its self-archiving policies:

RoMEO Color Archiving Policy
green can archive pre-print and post-print
blue can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing)
yellow can archive pre-print (ie pre-refereeing)
white archiving not formally supported
Source: SHERPA/RoMEO Definitions and Terms

This information can be used to help determine if you can deposit your postprint with the UC eScholarship repository or another repository like PubMed Central. To submit an article to eScholarship, use the eScholarship postprints submission page.