Encyclopedia of Modern Optics online

UC Berkeley now has access to the Encyclopedia of Modern Optics online. According to the publisher, this encyclopedia covers such subjects as light & optics, lasers, optical fibers & optical fiber systems, optical materials, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and applications in control and manufacturing, data processing and storage, applications in environment, engineering, defence, ocean study, medicine and biology.

Access is available from all campus computers. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students can also access this resource from off campus via the Library Proxy Server.

New library calendar

New library calendar

Beginning November 1, library exhibits and events will be displayed in a new calendar. It shows what's happening on a particular day, week, or month, and lets you search for events by keyword. This system is part of the campus calendar network, developed by the UC Berkeley Office of Public Affairs.

The blog you are reading now will still be used for library news stories and announcements. You can subscribe to both the calendar and the news blog through RSS feeds.