ERes gives way to bSpace

The ERes system for electronic reserves has been replaced by bSpace, UC Berkeley’s online collaboration and learning environment.

Keeping all course materials in bSpace means instructors and students don't have to remember multiple logins or passwords, and makes everything easily accessible in one place. Instructors can also use bspace to send announcements, track grades, facilitate discussions, and more.

Instructors can upload course-related materials to bspace as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or other formats. Instructors who used ERes in the past will find their electronic reserves already uploaded to their bSpace accounts, for easy access.

To explore bSpace, visit the bSpace website and log in with your CalNet ID and pass phrase. For additional help getting started, check out the support materials on the Educational Technology Services website or register for a workshop.

For further assistance, contact Charlotte Rubens by email or phone at 643-7399.