Exhibit: Interlibrary Borrowing Service

We are happy to introduce a new series of exhibits titled "Spotlight On: Services." The first of these features the Interlibrary Borrowing Service , which supports the research needs of UCB students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars by obtaining materials not available at 94720.

IBS is one of the largest and most sophisticated library resource-sharing operations in the country. Since much of the work of this unit happens behind the scenes, the exhibit, developed by Elissa Mondschein, provides insight into the history, process, and truly global grasp necessary for providing resources to UCB borrowers.

Those familiar with this public service unit are also aware of its locus as the Library home of extra-terrestrials. Drop by the exhibit case to learn more, much more, about IBS.

This exhibit is now on view on the second floor of Doe Library, in the vestibule between the Heyns (East) Reading Room and the Reference Hall.