Colloquium: Water Supply Depends on Partnerships

The California Colloquium on Water presents

"Overcoming the Traditions that Divide Us – Tomorrow's Reliable Water Supply Dependent Upon Partnerships"

Given by:
Pat Mulroy
General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Tuesday, May 1
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Goldman School of Public Policy, Room 250
(2607 Hearst Ave at LeRoy)

Meet the speaker, 5:15pm – 5:30pm

Summary of lecture:
The new reality of the West is simple: it is comprised of communities, states and regions increasingly interdependent on one another for natural resources and the economic livelihood that flows from them. In the case of water, that interdependence is made more important by the fact that water is essential for any living creature to survive. As a result, a public trust issue necessarily underlies any undertaking or negotiation that involves water. Decision-making, planning and positions must be respectful of that trust and the interdependence that drives it. By working together for consensus solutions and by ensuring that water laws and agreements remain flexible to changing conditions, water agencies will set a newstandard for resource management that will see the West through the next century.

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