Web accelerators can cause problems

Products such as Google Web Accelerator and the Firefox plugin DownThemAll can make web pages load more quickly.  However, they can also cause problems when using electronic information resources that the library subscribes to, such as journal article databases. 

When you try to use these resources through a web accelerator, it comes between your computer and the website you are using, masking your UC Berkeley IP address and caching pages from the site for later use.  Consequently, you may not get correct results or may not be able to log in at all.  This can happen whether you are on or off campus, and even when you are using our proxy service or VPN.

For this reason, we recommend turning off your web accelerator before using our website, or setting it to ignore specific catalogs, databases, etc. that you plan to use.  Instructions for doing these things in Google Web Accelerator are available here.