New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina: Lessons for California’s Levees

The California Colloquium on Water presents:
Ray Seed, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley

Tuesday, September 12th
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Goldman School of Public Policy, Room 250
(Corner of Hearst and LeRoy)

Meet the speaker at a reception at the Water Resources Center Archives,
4:45pm – 5:30pm
Light refreshments will be served.

Summary of lecture :
The recent flooding and devastation of the greater New Orleans region during hurricane Katrina represented the most costly peace-time failure of an engineered system in North American history. Extensive investigations and analyses have been performed by several major teams in the wake of this disaster, and some very important lessons have been learned. Many of these have very direct and urgent applications to California's levee systems and flood risk exposure, and to the security of our State's vital water supply systems. Professor Seed will discuss what California can learn from New Orleans and how to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening here.

For more information, contact the Water Resources Center Archives at (510) 642-2666 or, or check out the Colloquium web site.
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