New Material Added to ToxTutor, NLM’s Toxicology Tutorial Resource

Could you use a plain language refresher on toxicology? Would you like it to include illustrations and animations? Then this self-paced tutorial from the National Library of Medicine may be of interest to you!

You may use ToxTutor to explore the fundamental principles of toxicology. This tutorial will provide you with a basic understanding of the subject. You can obtain a certificate of completion if wanted by completing the tutorial through NLM’s free learning management system.

The National Library of Medicine has added new material to its basic online version. The new sections cover Basic Physiology, Introduction to Toxicokinetics, Absorption, Distribution, Biotransformation, Excretion, and Cellular Toxicology. New animations were created including From a Gel to a Cell, which follows the
journey of a chemical from a theoretical shower gel product through several membranes and ultimately into a cell. The tutorial also has a glossary of more than 300 toxicology-related terms.

Time required: about 3 hours
Cost: free
Certificate of Completion available

While a knowledge of anatomy and physiology is not required for viewing ToxTutor, the Introduction to the Human Body from the National Cancer Institute provides a good introduction to the topic.