A New Look at Ways to Minimize Work Disability and Job Loss after Illness or Injury: A free NIOSH webinar

NIOSH is offering a free Center for Workers’ Compensation Studies (CWCS) webinar in which speakers will describe recent work by the Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work (SAW/RTW) Policy Collaborative established by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). The webinar will also discuss products developed by the Collaborative that are available for download and distribution.

The Collaborative supports the development of policies, programs, and practices that encourage the continued employment of workers likely to leave the workforce due to injury, serious illness, or disability.

The three Policy Working Groups in the Collaborative are:
– Replicating and Adapting the State of Washington’s Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) Model
– Musculoskeletal Conditions and Pain Management
– Transition Back to Work

When: September 6
Event Schedule:
9:00-9:45 am: Presentation
9:45-10:00 am: Q/A