Connect the dots in your research with Yewno tool


UC Berkeley has joined Stanford as a beta tester of a new educational discovery tool, Yewno. Unlike traditional search, which strives to provide the singular correct answer as quickly as possible, Yewno enables the connection of multiple concepts and information.

Yewno enables searchers to discover the relationship between concepts by providing a graphical display of the interrelationships between concepts. By employing computational semantics, graph theory, and machine learning, Yewno extracts concepts from scholarly publications including journals, books, and theses, and displays the search results in a concept map format. Users can discover the interrelationships between concepts and have direct access to online resources.

To use Yewno, click on the link in the right column on your search page. You must be on campus or using the VPN to access it. Check out our guide to the new tool.