Summer Reading List: The Beauty Bias

The UC Berkeley Summer Reading List is an annual compilation of recommended (though not required) readings suggested by Cal faculty, staff, and students as a welcome to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

This week we take a closer look at

“The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law”

Deborah Rhode

New York: Oxford University Press, 2010

“My student, Tien Nguyen, says: ‘What I like about the book The Beauty Bias by Deborah Rhode is the way Rhode covers all the social issues related to beauty and appearance in American culture. It explains the threat of widespread lookism in our society. The writing is easy to read and it is helpful to use as a reference or source for research.’

I couldn’t agree more with Nguyen. Indeed, Deborah Rhode provides a salient study of why looks matter and she does it in the most engaging way, blending great scholarship with keen personal observations. Truly, a must read for those who know that beauty is more than skin deep and wish to further understand how its politics prevails in every aspect of our society, including the justice system.”

— SIM CHIANG, Lecturer, College Writing Programs

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