Keep Your Out of Print Book Available


Image Source: Author's Alliance

If you’ve written a book that has fallen out of print, your sales have dropped, or your publisher has stopped marketing the title, there are still ways to increase its availability. To explore options for making your publication more accessible online or otherwise, you may need to talk to your publisher about getting your rights back. Not sure of how to approach your publisher? The Authors Alliance has you covered.

The Authors Alliance recently released a step-by-step guide to help authors negotiate the process of asking for their rights back. Understanding Rights Reversion: When, Why, & How to Regain Copyright and Make Your Book More Available provides background information on copyright ownership, contract advice, and strategies to revive your book.

Numerous interviews with professionals in the field, including authors, publishers, and literary agents reveal that many publishers are willing to work with authors to keep their work available for readers. Take a look at the guide to learn how to revive the preservation of your intellectual legacy.