Library Tips for Finals

Greetings overworked, overstressed and under-caffeinated students! The end of the semester is rapidly approaching which means several things: finals, final projects and final papers. Fortunately, the library is open 24/7 during RRR week, so you can rest assured that our resources, spaces and services will be available. Here a few tips to help you make the most of the libraries during finals.

1. Study Spaces
Use the Find a Study Space tool to find other library spaces that meet your study needs. Find areas where conversation is allowed, for example, or where electrical outlets are available. And for group study you can always reserve study rooms!

2. Librarian Assistance
There’s no shame in asking for help! If you have no idea how to begin that research paper or what’s considered a “credible” source you can stop by a library reference desk or call a librarian in Doe Library at 510-642-6657. You can also ask research questions via the online form or utilize the 24/7 chat.

3. Printing and scanning
Don’t have a printer in your dorm? The libraries have scanners, printers and copiers available for your convenience. The library copy center is located in the Moffitt Library, just inside the entrance on the 3rd floor. Just make sure to have your Cal 1 Card loaded with money. You can check the prices for printing online. Printing wirelessly from your laptop or device is also possible with PrinterOn.

4. Specialized Libraries
As you may know, our university has 32 libraries, each of which caters to a different subject or field. The Doe Library, for example, houses works from the areas of arts and humanities, data and government information, international and area studies, and social sciences. If you’re planning to write a paper about, say, Beethoven, then you would probably find the most relevant information from the Music Library.

5. Connecting from off-campus
If you don’t feel like living at the library during the week before finals, you can always connect to library resources from home. If you’re in the residential units connecting to RESCOMP or Airbears will guarantee you access to the library’s online databases, but if you live off campus you can follow these simple instructions to get connected.

Happy studying!