Many Free Ebola Resources on the Internet

Have you been looking for reliable resources for information on the Ebola outbreak? One place to start is the Disaster Information Management Research Center’s Ebola Outbreak page. The DIMRC, a unit of the National Library of Medicine, provides links to a number of resources from a variety of organizations including the CDC, the FDA, USAID, WHO, and others. You’ll also find links to free resources from publishers, Twitter and Facebook accounts with current postings, a link to a map and timeline, and multi-language resources.

Another place for information is UC Berkeley, who recently hosted an Ebola Virus Outbreak Special Lecture webinar. Dr. Francis, MD, DSc presented the lecture: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak:
Update on an Unprecedented Public Health Event
which is now available on YouTube. Dr. Francis is the Executive Director at Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases (GSID) in South San Francisco.

The APHA has provided a new book chapter for those who need resources. It made a preview chapter on Ebola freely available for download. It’s from their book “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 20th Edition”

Looking for information on legal aspects of the Ebola outbreak? The Network for Public Health Law co-sponsored the webinar Ebola and the Law: What You Need to Know” with the American Health Lawyers Association. The webinar describes the recent outbreak, discusses legal issues that arise when infected patients enter the U.S., and explores legal powers and duties health department personnel have if an Ebola outbreak occurs in the U.S.

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