The Integrated Health Interview Series: An Easier Way to Get NHIS Data

Ever wanted an easier way to search the National Health Interview Survey
(NHIS)? The free online Integrated Health Interview Series (IHIS) can help with this. Hosted by the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota, the IHIS contains annual NHIS survey data from the 1960s to the present. IHIS allows one to search for NHIS variables across the surveys.

IHIS has been updated recently to include data from the 2011 NHIS survey.
New topics of possible interest from the 2011 survey include use of
fitness facilities; reasons for not having a usual source of care; steps
taken in the past year to save money on medical care (e.g., delaying care,
skipping medication doses, buying medicine from foreign countries); most
recent ER visit; last health care visit; long-term care insurance; health
insurance coverage in the past 3 years; treatment of children’s mental
health; and food security.

Need to find the IHIS variable name for a NHIS variable? The IHIS-NHIS Concordance can help. You can also put in a NHIS variable name to learn the IHIS variable name.

More information about recent updates to IHIS is also available.

Want help using the online version of IHIS? They’ve created an exercise set to help you make best use of the database.