New CEBS File Assists Database Collaboration

The Chemical Effects in Biological Systems database (CEBS) is a free integrated database of toxicology and toxicogenomics study information and data. Content for the database comes from NTP, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), other government agencies, academia, and pharmaceutical companies. You can search the over 9000 studies using test article, CEBS accession number, NTP Study ID, NTP Study Type, CEBS data domain or institution. You can also search across the database for subjects meeting your criteria and filter results by characteristics, response, and test articles.

A new downloadable file is available on the CEBS FTP site. It includes information about each of the studies in CEBS, such as the web address, study title, principal investigator, and citation information. The information here can be used by other databases as well as by individuals since it’s formatted in comma-separated values, or CSV file format.

The CEBS FTP web site allows anyone to download large data files of different data types from CEBS. The CEBS web page includes instructions.