BadCat: What to Expect During the Authority Load Bibliographic Editing Freeze

Beginning today, Monday, July 9th and continuing for approximately 8-12 weeks, editing (including overlaying) of cataloged bibliographic records in Millennium will halt until the Marcive authority sending/processing/re-loading project is completed (for details on this project, please see Lynne Grigsby’s Allusers email with subject “Authority Control for Millennium records” sent on Monday, 11 June 2012 at 10:48 am).  Within the Catalog Department, the primary effect of the bibliographic editing freeze will be a limitation on fulfilling bibliographic maintenance requests.

All is not lost.  Other types of maintenance (e.g. holdings, item, URL) can be done during this period.  The Catalog Department would like you to continue to send in your BadCat requests as usual during the freeze.  The tickets will be triaged into those that can be resolved during the authority load project, and those that must wait until after the project is completed.  Tickets in the latter category will have the status: Project Hold.  This status means the requested maintenance cannot be performed until after the authority project is completed.  These tickets will be put into the BadCat workflow once the freeze is lifted.

Shelving locations will continue to receive new materials.  New catalog records (locally created, as well as records loaded from PromptCat and vendors other than SCP) can be added to the database during this period.  SCP record loads will not occur due to the mixture of new, updated, and deleted records in their files. SCP loads will resume after the freeze is over.

As always, please write to the BadCat manager (Michael Meacham,  before starting a project that is likely to result in more than a few maintenance requests.  By letting us know about your project before filling in a multitude of BadCat forms, we will be better able to work your project into the maintenance workflow, resulting in better service to you.

Questions about Catalog Department services during the authority load project, should be sent to me at:



Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz