Update on the LibX for CDPH browser extension

LibX for CDPH is a customized Internet Explorer browser extension that facilitates searching PubMed for CDPH, Google Scholar, OskiCat (UCB Library Catalog), and WorldCat (UC/Worldwide Library Catalog). LibX is an open source program originally developed for the Firefox browser; versions for Internet Explorer and Chrome have since been developed.

LibX for CDPH was created to link to and facilitate searching of resources of interest to CDPH staff. Because Internet Explorer (IE) is the supported browser at CDPH work sites, this custom LibX  was created for IE. Information on LibX for CDPH may be found at www.lib.berkeley.edu/PUBL/cdph/LibXinstruct.pdf. We have just learned that LibX will not function on PCs using Windows 7, which is becoming the standard operating system on CDPH PCs. The developers of LibX do not have the resources to continue to create new versions for the non-open source IE. You may continue to use LibX as long as your computer uses Windows XP.

We will soon attempt to update LibX for CDPH Firefox version, for you to use on any computer with the Firefox browser; we will announce this update in this newsletter.