Our Trash, Your Treasure: Free Literary Journals and Magazines For the Taking in Graduate Services

History journals free for the public to take were put on the shelves as you walk into Graduate Services a few years ago. And they pretty much sat there until we removed them from the shelves six months ago. Not one to learn from our past actions, Graduate Services has once again graced these shelves with more, yet different, journals. And some popular magazines. Old issues of The Paris Review and other literary and poetry journals are now up on these shelves for you to take home with you as you enter or leave Graduate Services. There are also older issues of some popular magazines on these shelves too: National Geographic, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Book Review and Magazine to name four. Lots of one off issues of older poetry journals too. I mean like 1980s old. When Robert Pinsky and Stephen Greenblatt were teaching here old. But where did these come from you ask? Don’t worry, we’re not pulling these journals and magazines from the UC Berkeley library collection. No, these are duplicative copies donated from our sibling library, the Morrison Reading Room. And with the Library Book Store closing, they might be past their prime down there, but we have the shelf space for them right up here in Graduate Services. Come in and grab a few. You probably won’t regret it.