What Works in Public Health

The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) is a Canadian entity that can “help you to find and use innovative, high quality, up-to-date methods and tools for sharing what works in public health.” Their focus is broad enough such that public health professionals in the U.S. will find much of value on their web site, including:

– The Registry of Methods and Tools: a searchable, online collection of evidence-informed methods and tools for knowledge translation in public health.
– Public Health +: a source of synthesized and methodologically strong research evidence.
– Learning Modules: free online tutorials on evidence-informed decision making and critical appraisal of intervention studies.

and more.

Join NCCMT’s “DialoguePH” network to get weekly e-mails with tools and resources designed to help you in your work. Recent weeks’ topics include:

– Developing health communication campaigns
– Developing your skills in writing policy papers
– Supporting change through large scale disseminations
– Engaging citizens for decision making

An archive of these emails is here: http://www.nccmt.ca/networking/mail/archives-eng.html