Library binding update

 Hi all,

      I hope you heard the good news from Bernie at the August 11th Collections Early Bird that the Library is able to provide a one-time supplement of $150,000 to the binding budget for FY11/12. With the supplement, the Preservation Department will be able to bind nearly as many volumes this year as last (80- 85% of last year).

     July’s report of use of allocations, unit by unit, as well as the additional allocations from the one-time supplement, is located at  The report will be updated each month by the Binding Preparation Division (BPD) so you can reconcile your counts agains BPD counts. If you have questions about your allocation, or BPD’s reports of its use, please call Tom Perry-Houts in BPD at 2.8140.

    Thanks much for your essential work to help ensure the collections remain in serviceable condition and accessible to our users!