Tracing Material Within the Catalog Department’s Workflow

The Catalog Department is pleased to resume tracing for urgently needed material that is within the Department’s usual 14-week workflow.

The service will be a part of BadCat, and tracers will be initiated through the BadCat webform.  Under “Request Type”, select the “Trace Material” radio button.  This will alter the form slightly so you may supply the information necessary to trace a particular title.

The tracing guidelines have been revised and updated.  Please see the document “Tracing Material Within the Catalog Department’s Workflow.”  The revised guidelines require that the material has been received (not merely on order), that a hold has been placed by the user, and that the BadCat form be filled out.  

The BadCat FAQ has been updated to include information on placing a tracer.  See especially page 4.

Finally, a very sincere thank you to Linda Kwong, Lorelie Crabtree-Mansur, and Michael Meacham for their stellar work.  Updating workflows, policies, the BadCat web form, and the BadCat Footprints system are just a few of the many, many tasks that needed to be completed and integrated in order to get this project off the ground.

Thanks very much!