Authority Control Coming to OskiCat

Bernie Hurley, Director of Cataloging, has recently charged a committee to perform the groundwork needed to have authority control in OskiCat.


The Authority Control Task Group (ACTG), chaired by Randy Brandt of the Bancroft Library is charged to:


  • Investigate Millennium Authority Record maintenance and processing and the authority control needs of Technical Services and the self-cataloging units, including the Affiliated Libraries
  • In consultation with Library Purchasing, write and execute a Request for Proposal (RFP) to outsource authority control functions to a qualified vendor
  • Submit draft RFP to the Cataloging Management Group (CMG) and Technical Services Council (TSC) for review
  • Develop scoring criteria for evaluating qualified RFP’s
  • Evaluate qualified RFP’s based on cost per quality point
  • Make recommendations to CMG and TSC

ACTG’s complete roster is:

  • Randal Brandt, The Bancroft Library (chair)
  • Kai Stoeckenius, The Catalog Department
  • Karen Yu, East Asian Library
  • Dana Jemison, Library Systems Office

Although their work has just begun, our hope is OskiCat will have authority control up and running within the coming year.  Thank you and good luck ACTG!



11/8/10 Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz