I am very pleased to report that Beth Weil has been appointed to the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC). Beth’s appointment letter describes the JSC as an advisory body to CDL which:

  • advises CDL and CDC on shared licensing policies and procedures;
  • works with CDL to conduct periodic bibliographer group surveys and develop an annual work plan for licensing and related systemwide collection development and management activities;
  • vets and develops shared collection proposals; and
  • advises CDL and CDC in other areas of shared collection development.

JSC recently has been identified by the Shared Monograph Planning Group as a key agent in UC’s upcoming expansion of shared e-book collections.

We’re very lucky to have Beth, who is highly knowledgeable about digital resources and the benefits of consortial agreements, in a position to influence UC Libraries collection policies and plans.

Thanks, Beth, for agreeing to serve on JSC!