And Start West From Dublin: New Books In Graduate Services for June

Lots of books this month to wander around in like Leopold Bloom wanders the Dublin Streets on June 16. If you liked that poetry, you’re going to love the pros at work we got for you below–two UC Berkeley connected Roberts: Hass and Pinskey (we won’t mention the fact they both have Stanford affiliations). What’s more, Robert Hass isn’t the only other faculty member with a new book in Graduate Services this June. Janet Adelman and Kaja Silverman’s books, Blood Relations and Flesh of My Flesh respectively, are here and might stick in your mind after getting under your skin. And when talking about getting under your skin, has any other novel not named Naked Lunch gotten under anybody’s skin as much as Naked Lunch? Furthermore, in the month that gives us an annual day in which to appreciate James Joyce’s once banned Ulysses, is it a coincidence Graduate Services received the 50th anniversary edition of William S. Burroughs’ classic? Maybe the answers to these questions can be found in the books below by Virilio, Heidegger, Ranciere and Negri. They do have a lot of things to say about tough questions. Well, time to go; I can feel the heat closing in. After all, it is summer! Enjoy.



Blood Relations: Christian and Jew in The Merchant of Venice by Janet Adelman


Occupant by Edward Albee


Naked Lunch: 50th Anniversary Edition by William S. Burroughs


Medieval Grammar & Rhetoric: Language Arts and Literary Theory, AD 300-1475 edited by Rita Copeland and Ineke Slutter


Teaching World Literature edited by David Damrosch


Art as Experience by John Dewey


The Apple Trees at Olema by Robert Hass


Song of Myself and Other Poems by Walt Whitman edited and introduction by Robert Hass


Logic: The Question of Truth by Martin Heidegger


Logic as the Question Concerning the Essence of Language by Martin Heidegger


Theatre by David Mamet


The Continuum Companion to Continental Philosophy edited by John Mullarkey and Beth Lord


Iris Murdoch: A Writer at War, Letters & Diaries 1939-45 edited by Peter J Conradi


Goodbye Mr. Socialism by Antonio Negri


Cybele by Joyce Carol Oates


Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque by Joyce Carol Oates


Before Anger: The Devil Inside Him and Personal Enemy by John Osborne


Sexual Perversions, 1670-1890 edited by Julie Peakman


History of My Heart by Robert Pinsky


The Aesthetic Unconscious by Jacques Ranciere


Flesh of My Flesh by Kaja Silverman


Mimesis and Alterity: A Particular History of the Senses by Michael Taussig

virilio university of disaster

The University of Disaster by Paul Virilio


Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography by Julian Young