Undergraduate Research Prize winners

The 2010 Library Prize for Undergraduate Research competition is a reminder that excellent scholarship can still flourish in austere times.  The winning projects are listed below.


  • Ryan Cohen, “Classroom for Improvement: How Decentralization Hinders Argentine Educational Equity,” Senior Lecturer Alan Karras (IAS/PEIS)
  • Theresa Joy Hannig, “The Inconstant Basilica of Constantine,” GSI Sharone Tomer (Architecture)
  • Robin Lam, “Photographing the Illusion of Austerity: Fashion Photography and Femininity in Post-WWII Britain,” Prof. James Vernon (History)
  • Simeon Newman, “Yacyreta, Argentina’s White Elephant: Hydroelectric Development, International Capital, and Transnational Resistance,” Asst. Prof. Mark Healey (History)
  • Matthew Rietfors, “Patriotism versus Principles: Perspectives on the Eve of the Mexican War,” Prof. James Casey, Librarians David Farrell and Peter Hanff (UGIS)

Honorable Mention

  • Jessica Clark, “The Chaco Allure: 150 Years of Archaeological Fascination with Pueblo Bonito,” CSI Sharone Tomer (Architecture)
  • Lilian Fabela, “The Legal Construction of Racial Identities through Anti-Miscegenation Laws and Court Cases in Arizona, 1865-1962,” Prof. Brian Delay (History)
  • Miriam Paula Rubenson, “‘The Purity of the Ballot Box’: How Ex-felons Won the Right to Vote in California, 1966-1974,” Prof. Robin Einhorn (History)
  • Alexandra Title, “A Comparative Study of Scleractinian Coral Diversity in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia,” Prof. Brent Mishler (Integrative Biology)

The successful entrants will be honored at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 5, 4-6pm in the Morrison Library.

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