Enhancements to ebrary QuickView

ebrary, a collection of nearly 40,000 ebooks licensed by the Library, recently announced several enhancements to its QuickView functionality. QuickView allows instant viewing of documents in your browser. With these enhancements, you can:

  • customize InfoTools with online resources of your choice
  • choose from four citation preferences
  • export citations directly to RefWorks or EndNote
  • navigate to the next page by double-clicking on the document
  • navigate through books by finger swiping on the iPad and iPhone
  • print an entire chapter (up to publisher limits)

Note, however, that printing from the ebrary Reader results in much better print quality. See our guide on Printing and Copying in ebrary for more information.

In addition, the Library has expanded the available content in ebrary through purchase of 2009 imprints from Cambridge University Press. Readers should now find these titles in ebrary and OskiCat, our library catalog.