Fall asleep at meetings no more!: Healthy Meetings at UC Berkeley

Tired of sitting down at long meetings?

Wish there was something besides bad doughy products to eat?

Take a look at the Healthy Meetings and Events at UC Berkeley web site!

It includes the UC Berkeley Guide to Healthy Meetings and Events, as well as Lift Off! a 5-minute fun, low-impact activity for use at meetings and events that supports group participation with simple callisthenic movements done to music.

Also included are shopping lists, and information on what to do with leftover food (Do NOT throw it away!)

health food"Meetings, events, and celebrations are a major part of the campus culture. Many meetings and events include food and beverages, as well as long periods of sitting. This guide provides recommendations and resources on how to make meetings more healthful for faculty, staff, and students by including nutritious food and beverage options, using sustainable supplies, and providing activity breaks."