Change in Delivery of Literature Search Results

The Sheldon Margen Public Health Library has changed the way literature search results are delivered to you. You will now receive an e-mail with links to files of search results, similar to how we deliver articles to you. Clicking the link(s) in the e-mail will provide access to the file(s), which you can print or save. Search results can be sent as text or Word files, EndNote or Reference Manager databases, or in other formats, as appropriate.

This change means you may also access your literature search results via the secure web portal. From your home page, click the link labeled "View My Completed Literature Searches."

As a reminder, the Public Health Library does work-related research for you. If you want a bibliography on a topic, the library has access to hundreds of online subject databases and indexes and can run a retrospective search on almost any topic for you. Request literature searches using the online form at:

or click "Request a Literature Search" from your web portal home page.

For any questions, please contact Michael Sholinbeck at: (510) 642-2510 or