Moffitt renovation project involves students

We are happy to announce a partnership with the Building Sustainability @Cal (BS@C) program to focus on the Moffitt Library for 2009-2010.  

BS@C is a service learning program that trains and utilizes students to help reduce the environmental footprint of campus buildings by educating building inhabitants and identifying possible structural and operational changes. 

The students’ focus on Moffitt Library will help us plan the Moffitt Library Revitalization Project, which will include major renovation of the building.

This fall, students in classes taught by Dr. Dan Kammen and Dr. Bill Berry will conduct waste, water, and lighting audits in the Moffitt Library.  That information will be useful baseline data before our renovation. 

Throughout the academic year, two BS@C interns will be working on more specialized projects such as waste audits of the FSM Cafe and Technical Services packing materials, and a lighting audit for the Moffitt Library classrooms.

These students also will conduct surveys of staff and library users on sustainability issues.  They will use the bulletin board in the Moffitt Library lobby for ongoing updates and educational information about sustainability in general and their work in Moffitt more specifically.