What is this OskiCat you speak of?

Have you been wondering what all that chalk graffiti around campus referring to an OskiCat is about? No, we are not changing our lovable school mascot Oski from a bear to a cat. What we are changing though, is our school’s library catalog from GLADIS/Pathfinder to OskiCat–the Cat part being short for catalog. Beginning June 16th, 2009, OskiCat will go live, and GLADIS/Pathfinder will simply just go. Don’t worry, the Library will give GLADIS/Pathfinder a proper burial before we give you, the user, a more bearable path to your research needs. Still trying to get your bearings straight, for more information about OskiCat go to the webpage and view the preview. Hibernation is over, the bear that is a cat will be here soon.