No new books in Graduate Services lately? What’s with that?

The New Book Shelf in Graduate Services has been barren the last few months. This does not mean Graduate Services has stopped acquiring important books for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. In fact, in the coming months you can be certain to see books rolling on to and off these shelves just like in the old days. For now though, the move from GLADIS/Pathfinder to our new integrated library system called OskiCat has resulted in a moratorium on the processing of new materials. Don’t worry though, these new books will be here soon. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if OskiCat was, we probably wouldn’t want it. 

Also, remember, if there is a book you think would be a valued addition to the Graduate Services Collection, fill out the Purchase Recommendation Form at our website or in person at the Graduate Services circulation desk. 

If you would like to know more about OskieCat, visit the OskieCat information page on the Library’s homepage.