Latest versions of Write-N-Cite for RefWorks

RefWorks recently announced the availability of new Write-N-Cite utilities for RefWorks users. These new versions are available from their Write-N-Cite Download page. From the press release:

We are pleased to announce that Write-N-Cite III for Windows has completed beta testing, and the final release version is now available. This optional plug-in allows for single document formatting (and unformatting), as well as the ability to write and format a paper completely off-line, allowing users to be more mobile and efficient. For Mac users, Write-N-Cite v2.5 for Mac is also now available. This latest version works with Microsoft Word 2008 and the Leopard operating system and provides the same features as the current Write-N-Cite for Mac.

RefWorks is an online program licensed by the libraries for use by UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff. It works with many databases to organize references, format a bibliography, and insert citations.