CiteSeerX alpha has launched

CiteSeerX, a new version of the popular CiteSeer search engine, has officially launched. CiteSeerX "is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science." The system indexes full-text computer science articles, papers, and technical reports that are freely available on the web.

Sample search results in CiteSeerX

This "next generation CiteSeer" has a more intuitive interface, a faster and more effective search, and an expanded collection. From their blog post:

At the time of this writing, we have extended the size of our collection to approximately 810K documents and over 14 million citations. This represents over 200K more unique documents than can be found in the legacy system, since we filtered out about 150K duplicate records during the conversion process. Our crawlers have been working hard to scour the web for new content, and we currently have half a million more PDF and PostScript files queued for ingestion.