Open access at the Università di Trieste

Edizioni Universita di Trieste

The University of Trieste is a long-standing exchange partner of the UC Berkeley Library. As the exchange of printed materials decreases, Open Access (OA) is transforming the way scholars share knowledge. The website of Edizioni Università di Trieste (EUT) makes available hundreds of OA ebooks and more than a dozen journals that are not yet discoverable in OskiCat, Melvyl, or the through the E-journal Titles A-Z list. Here are just a few noteworthy journals in their freely available digital collection:

new resource Corpus Montaigne

With some year-end funds and a substantial discount through our membership in CIFNAL, the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections, the Library was able to permanently acquire access to the Corpus Montaigne – our third database from Garnier Classiques Numérique. This digital corpus contains all the works published in Montaigne’s lifetime and after his death by his “daughter-in-law” Marie de Gournay, all the editions published from the 16th to the 20th century, their annotation and critical apparatus, and also the best editions of the complete works in Italian, English, German and Spanish.

database trial to L’Harmatheque


Through its membership in the Center for Research Libraries and more specifically CIFNAL, the  Library has trial access to L’Harmathèque – a large collection of French language ebooks, articles, films and audio files – through Wednesday, May 1.

Collection Content
L’Harmathèque’s multimedia platform offers ebooks, articles, videos, and audio recordings on many subjects in the humanities and social sciences. The content of the ebooks comes from a variety of French publishing imprints, including L’Harmattan, Pagala, Odin, IXE, etc.  A full list of included titles can be downloaded in excel.

Currently the platform contains more than 26,000 ebooks, 17,000 articles, 400 films, and 600 audio files available. At least 2,300 new titles are added to the collection annually (the publishers estimate that around 230 ebook titles are added monthly). This impressive number of ebooks covers a wide range of subject areas in the humanities and social sciences, novels, and children’s books.

According to the description provided on the web site, article content is from journals and book chapters, although no further selection criteria are given. The videos are primarily documentaries and theatrical productions. The audio collection includes many audiobooks, in a variety of languages.

The interface is in French. In the portals, ebooks are divided by subject into browsable bouquets. An advanced search option allows the user to narrow down the large amount of content.

Ebooks can be read either on the platform’s online reader (which requires Flash), or downloaded and read using the free Adobe Digital Editions reader.  Viewing the videos requires the use of DivX and  the audio content is also available through Flash.

In Hathi We Trust

Over the summer library bits, bots, and elves have been hard at work batch loading hundreds of thousands of HathiTrust records for the digitized versions of public domain items into OskiCat. As you search for books and other library materials, you’ll undoubtedly begin to encounter these new records for materials published prior to 1923. Here is just a sampling of the kinds of digitized texts in the HathiTrust Digital Library and that are now discoverable through OskiCat:

  • Blanco y negro (1891-1922) – all issues prior to 1923 for the illustrated cultural journal from Madrid.
  • Chiaroscuro (1921) – Grazia Deledda
  • Dante e Firenze; prose antiche con note illustrative ed appendici di Oddone Zenatti (1902)
  • A comedia portugueza (1888-1889) – illustrated political-cultural weekly published in Lisbon by Marcellino Mesquita with caricatures by Julião Machado
  • La critica letteraria nel rinascimento (1905) – Joel Elias Spingarn
  • Grammaire de l’ancien Provençal ou ancienne langue d’oc (1921) par Joseph Anglade
  • Oeuvres complètes – Honoré de Balzac . – 24 vols. from 1869-79 Michel Lévy Frères edition.
  • I poeti futuristi (1912) … con un proclama di F.T.  Marinetti e uno studio sul verso libero di Paolo Buzzi.
  • Les poètes maudits (1888) – Paul Verlaine ; ornée de six portraits par Luque.
  • Poetes valencians contemporanis (1908)
  • Revue historique de la révolution française (1910-1922)
  • Souvenirs littéraires – Maxime du Camp (1892)
  • When the project is complete, there will be over one million new records in OskiCat. You can limit a search to these by combining “hathitrust” with some other keyword(s), such as hathitrust roma or hathitrust “victor hugo”, etc.

    Public domain means that the items are not protected by copyright. U.S. government documents and works published before 1923 are examples of items in the public domain. All users can view the full-text of these books online. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students can download the whole book (PDF) by logging in with your CalNet ID.

    This service is possible because the University of California libraries are partners in HathiTrust (pronounced “hah-tee”), a national project to create a shared archive of books scanned into electronic format.

    This is a remixed and updated version of a library blog post from June 18, 2012.

    Heart of the Campus: Doe Library 1912-2012

    Doe Library Centennial (1912-2012)This year, Doe Library celebrates the centennial of its dedication. The estate of Charles Franklin Doe funded the construction of the library building, designed by architect John Galen Howard who was trained at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Ground was broken for the library in 1905, the cornerstone laid in 1908, and it was completed in the summer of 1911 and formally dedicated on Charter Day of 1912.

    Throughout the yearincluding a big birthday party on Wednesday, March 12the Library will host an array of events. Last week, an exhibit titled Heart of the Campus: Doe Library 1912-2012 was installed in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery on the first floor. Curated by Steve Mendoza, assistant for the Romance Language Collections, the exhibit puts on display some of the Library’s earliest acquisitions. Founding donors to the Doe Library included Henry Douglas Bacon, Michael Reese, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Mrs. Benjamin Avery, the Class of 1883, and the estate of Marius Spinello, a Berkeley professor in Romance languages from 1902-1904.

    It is no surprise that many of Doe’s first tomes were in French and Italian. Works on display include the 1823 edition of  Voltaire’s Oeuvres complètes, Tommaso Piroli’s Les monumens antiques du Musée Napoléon (1804), Litré’s Histoire de langue française (1869), Notizie per la vita di Lodovico Ariosto (1896), Dictionnaire historique et critique de Pierre Bayle (1820), and the Journal des sçavans (savants) – the world’s oldest scholarly journal first published in 1665 and still active today.

    Hyperlinked titles listed above take you directly to the Berkeley-owned texts (now in public domain) that have been digitized and are freely available for the world to use through the HathiTrust Digital Library.

    trial to Digitalia

    The Library has enabled a 30-day trial to DIGITALIA – one of the most comprehensive collections of Spanish language e-book and e-journals on the market. Founded in 2007, DIGITALIA aims to “to be a global leader providing Spanish titles, bringing to libraries, academics, students  and all readers in general qualitative content driven by information technology and the best practices in content management.” At present, there are more than five thousand e-books from Spanish publishers such as Anthropos, Biblioteca Nueva, Calambur, Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, Ocho y Medio, Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, Trotta, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and more.  The e-journal list includes both academic and commercial titles as well as the Colección de revistas históricas españolas. In addition, libraries can subscribe to one or more of the thematic collections.

    Before December 21, 2011, please take some time to check out DIGITALIA and send your comments and feedback to cpotts [AT]

    40,000 e-books via ebrary

    "Politics and theater: the crisis of legitimacy in restoration France, 1815-1830" (Berkeley: UC Press, c2000; ebrary, 2008)

    Ebrary’s Academic Complete is UC Berkeley’s newest and largest subscription-based collection of e-books. It offers nearly 40,000 current titles in a wide range of subjects and provides immediate access to many current titles (mostly in English) for French studies such as Blood and violence in early modern France / Stuart Carroll, France and women, 1789-1914: gender, society and politics / James F. McMilland, Colonial memory and postcolonial Europe : Maltese settlers in Algeria and France / Andrea L. Smith, Politics and theater: the crisis of legitimacy in restoration France, 1815-1830 / Sheryl Kroen, The feminist encyclopedia of French literature / Eva Martin Sartori, Pulp surrealism: insolent popular culture in early twentieth-century Paris / Robin Walz, and hundreds more.

    "Pulp surrealism : insolent popular culture in early twentieth-century Paris" (Berkeley: UC Press, c2000; ebrary, 2008)

    All records have already been loaded to Pathfinder to facilitate their discovery. For direct access to and information on how to download the ebrary reader, please see

    Ross Chambers @ Berkeley


    Ross Chambers, the 2008-2009 Pajus Distinguished Visitor in French Studies, will lead a 6-week seminar series in spring, 2009 beginning on February 4. More information including a short book list is available on the department’s web site. Story and Situation: Narrative Seduction and the Power of Fiction (1984) is available electronically via the Library’s new subscription to ebrary. His other works can be located in print via Pathfinder.

    Summer Sites

    Playa de Chipiona by José Jiménez Aranda (c.1899 Museo del Prado)

    The summer affords time for a round-up of web sites recently encountered and of potential interest to those who work in the Romance languages:

    Biblioteca Medici Laurenciana – more than 1655 manuscripts of the 3900 in the Florentine library’s Plutei collection have been digitized and are available here.

    Catalogue of Digitized Medieval  Manuscripts – launched in 2009, this project of UCLA’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center aims to provide a single finding aid for digitized medieval manuscripts available on the web. See also Digital Scriptorium.

    Digital Studies / Le champ numérique – a refereed academic journal, publishing three times a year and serving as a formal arena for scholarly activity and as an academic resource for researchers in the digital humanities.

    La Enciclopedia del Museo del Prado – freely available digital conversion of the 4-volume print tool published in 2006 by Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado and Tf editores.

    Études Photographiques – published by the Société française de photographie with the CNL, CNRS and l’université de Ryerson, this open-access journal is one of many titles available through the portal which provides access to more than 254 OA publications.

    Manioc, nouvelle bibliothèque numérique partenaire – this digital library of primary sources from the Caribbean, the Amazon, and the Guyana Plateau also provides full text to the open-access journal Études caribéennes.

    PLEAIADI – the “Portale per la Letteratura scientifica Elettronica Italiana su Archivi aperti e Depositi Istituzionali” aims at building a national Italian platform that offers centralized access to the scholarly literature archived in Italian open-access repositories.

    The Renaissance in Print: 16th Century French Books in the Douglas Gordon Collection – comprises over 600 digitized volumes of French books from the sixteenth century on religion, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, travel and architecture all held by the University of Virginia.

    Salon du Livre podcasts – downloadable MP3s from the Paris book fair held every year in March. Includes talks with Jean-Claude Carrière, Frédéric Beigbeder, Fatou Diome, Georges Balandier, Jean-Luc Nancy, Véronique Ovaldé , Antonio Lobo Antunes, Enrique Vila-Matas, and more.

    Traces – An open-access bibliographical database on Catalan language and literature. The TRACES project was created in 1987 by the Grup d’Estudis de Literatura Catalana Contemporània (GELCC) from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

    Vocabulários Ortográficos da  Língua Portuguesa – two new and complementary, if not competing, orthographical dictionaries were published earlier this year. The searchable online versions are freely available:
    Vocabulário ortográfico da língua portuguesa (Academia Brasileira de Letras – 5.ª ed. 2009)
    Vocabulário ortográfico da língua portuguesa (Porto Editora – 1.ª ed. 2009)

    La voix de Gilles Deleuze en ligne – sponsored by L’association Siècle DeleuzienV and Le Groupe Esthétique, Représentations, Savoirs  (une équipe de recherche de l’Université de Paris 8), hosts hundreds of hours of MP3s mostly from the 1980s.

    *An extremely high-res. version of José Jiménez Aranda’s Playa de Chipiona at the top of this post is available on the Museo del Prado’s web site.

    Free-books via Editorial Catedra

     Antología de prosa lírica por Juan Ramón Jiménez (Madrid: Catédra, 2007)

    Spanish publisher Cátedra has launched  Biblioteca Digital Cátedra which provides free access for a trial period to approximately 50 titles from its back list and that are difficult to find in print. This digital collection is aimed primarily towards the academic community and includes selections from the following important monographic series: Crítica y Estudios literarios, Historia, Arte o Teorema, as well as Letras Hispánicas and Letras Universales.

    This first installment of the online book collection includes works by Juan Ramón Jiménez,  Emilio Alarcos Yvancos Pozuelo, Lope de Vega, Carmen Martin Gaite, and others.