Map Contest 2021 Winners! @ the Earth Sciences & Map Library!

The Earth Sciences and Map Library held our 2nd annual Mapping the Bay Contest! We received a total of 45 map entries from students in Kindergarten through College from around the Bay Area. We doubled our votes; 845 people voted this year for their favorite map! Check out our website and find out which student entry won in each grade category and all of the entries. Thank you to all contestants and to those who voted on the amazing maps!

2021 Mapping The Bay

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New Earth Sciences & Map Library E-Books LibGuide!

The New Accessible Earth Sciences & Map Library E-Books LibGuide is live!

During the pandemic the Earth Sciences & Map Library team found a way to make our collection more accessible to our patrons who are unable to walk up to our “New Books” shelf and check out material housed in McCone Hall (yes the building with the Smilodon saber-toothed tiger statue). Although it started as a trial run for other Engineering & Physical Science Library collections, we saw how useful it would be to our patrons and created the LibGuide. Two months later, our online collection is live and accessible to our users who are connected to the library proxy and/or the Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Saber-Toothed Smilodon McCone Hall

What’s In Our Collection?

Many would be surprised by the vast variety of books we purchase for our departments and patrons. Books such as environmental justice, tourism during the pandemic, dinosaurs, and much more. We even have a “call to action” book by Jane Fonda, yes, THE Jane Fonda who is also an activist working towards climate change by having conversations with scientists and community members! Visit our libguide to find more intriguing books just in time for the holiday break! 

New books snippet

The Earth Sciences & Map Library wishes everyone a safe holiday!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Earth Sciences Map Library & Earth & Planetary Science Department!

Stemming from an impressive call to action by a group of Earth & Planetary Science Graduate Students, we’ve found a way to provide resources to further educate faculty, staff, and students on the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This EPS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Libguide was created in partnership by the Earth & Planetary Science department graduate students and the Earth Sciences and Map Library. Along with the libguide living on the library website, it’s been placed under a new DEI tab on the Earth & Planetary Science Department website.

Diverse Interlocking Fists

What’s in the Libguide?
It includes a Zotero Library, tools on how to add content to diversify Wikipedia, strategies to search for and follow diverse voices via social media, conferences, and more. The Libguide also links to the Engineering Library’s DEI Book Collection Libguide!

How did this get started?
While staff member Bonita Dyess and Open Science Librarian Samantha Teplitzky were reading the grad student’s call to action, they noticed a potential section the Earth Sciences/Map library could be of assistance. They contacted the graduate students and met via Zoom due to the pandemic. The conversation resulted in the creation of the LibGuide!

How can this benefit my library?
Diversity, equity, and inclusion is important to create community and belonging. DEI efforts are strongly supported by the library and campus as a whole. This libguide can serve as a tool for various departments creating and promoting DEI efforts. EPS and geography are the subjects highlighted in this particular libguide, but the strategies are universal especially within the STEM fields. It’s also important to note that collaborative efforts between staff and librarians can be beneficial!