New Books Added to The Graduate Services Collection in July

Angel catbird

Angel Catbird Volume 1 by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with an introduction by Margaret Atwood

Angel Catbird, vol. 2 : to Castle Catula

Angel Catbird Volume 2: To Castle Catula by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with a foreword by G. Willow Wilson

Angel Catbird. Vol. 3, The Catbird roars

Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with a foreword by Kelly Sue DeConnick

The letters of T.S. Eliot / Volume 7, 1934-1935 / edited by Valerie Eliot and John Haffenden.

The letters of T.S. Eliot Volume 7: 1934-1935 edited by Valerie Eliot and John Haffenden

Norman Mailer : four books of the 1960s

Four Books Of The 1960s: An American Dream, Why Are We Still In Vietnam?, The Armies Of The Night, Miami And The Siege Of Chicago by Norman Mailer edited by J. Michael Lennon

Second childhood

Second Childhood by John Montague

Please, Louise

Please, Louise by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison illustrated by Shadra Strickland

Orwell on truth

Orwell On Truth by George Orwell with an introduction by Adam Hochschild

Visiting Edna by David Rabe

Visiting Edna by David Rabe

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In June

John ashbery: collected poems 1991-2000 - library of america #297.

Collected Poems 1991-2000 by John Ashbery edited by Mark Ford

They knew what they wanted : poems & collages

They Knew What They Wanted: Poems & Collages by John Ashbery

A dictionary of critical theory

Oxford Dictionary Of Critical Theory (Second Edition) by Ian Buchanan

A vision of battlements

A Vision Of Battlements by Anthony Burgess edited with an introduction and notes by Andrew Biswell

The children's Homer : the adventures of Odysseus and the tale of Troy

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Children’s Homer: The Adventures Of Odysseus And The Tale Of Troy by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

The children of Odin : the book of northern myths

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Children Of Odin: The Book Of Northern Myths by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

Gods, goddesses, and mythical beasts collection : the golden fleece

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Golden Fleece And The Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

Alienation and Freedom.

Alienation And Freedom by Frantz Fanon edited and compiled by Jean Khalfa and Robert J.C. Young, translated by Steven Corcoran

Chicago : a novel

Chicago: A Novel by David Mamet

Image result for The Penitent by David Mamet

The Penitent: A Play by David Mamet

Carson McCullers : stories, plays & other writings

Stories, Plays & Other Writings by Carson McCullers edited by Carlos L. Dews

Night-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense. by Joyce Carol Oates

Night-Gaunts And Other Tales Of Suspense by Joyce Carol Oates

Conjugating Hindi

Conjugating Hindi by Ishmael Reed

Rage and time : a psychopolitical investigation

Rage And Time: A Psychopolitical Investigation by Peter Sloterdijk translated by Mario Wenning

Essays, articles, and reviews, 1922-1934

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 26: Essays, Articles, And Reviews 1922-1934 edited by Donat Gallagher

Library Carpentry Sprint May 10th and 11th

The UC Berkeley Library is hosting the 2018 Library Carpentry Sprint on May 10th and 11th. This sprint it a part of the larger 2018 Mozilla Global Sprint, and will take place in the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), 190 Doe Library from 2-5pm on Thursday, May 10th and from 1-5pm on Friday, May 11th.  All are welcome and no experience with Library Carpentry or participating in a sprint is required. Come help us update the existing Library Carpentry curriculum or just come to see what Library Carpentry is all about. If you wish to sign up in advance, simply add you name to the Library Carpentry sprint etherpad under the UC Berkeley section. More information about Library Carpentry can be found here.


Library Carpentry Sprint is an international campaign that is a part of the larger Mozilla Global Sprint 2018. The goal of this Library Carpentry sprint is to improve/extend Library Carpentry lessons. Participants can contribute code or content, proofread writing, help with visual design and graphic art, do QA (quality assurance) on prototype tools, or advise or comment on project ideas or plans. All skill levels are welcome!


You can drop by anytime on May 10th from 2-5pm or May 11th from 1-5pm


Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), 190 Doe Memorial Library


Contact Scott Peterson,

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In May

Plays : 10

Plays: 10: DEA, The Testament Of This Day, The Price Of One, The Angry Roads, The Hungry Bowl by Edward Bond with an introduction by the author

Image result for derrida advances

Advances by Jacques Derrida translated with an introduction by Philippe Lynes

The messages we send : social signals and storytelling

The Messages We Send: Social Signals And Storytelling by G.R.F. Ferrari

Telling it like it wasn't : the counterfactual imagination in history and fiction

Telling It Like It Wasn’t: The Counterfactual Imagination In History And Fiction by Catherine Gallagher

Acoustic properties radio, narrative, and the new neighborhood of the Americas

Acoustic Properties: Radio, Narrative, And The New Neighborhood Of The Americas by Tom McEnaney

Not saved : essays after Heidegger

Not Saved: Essays After Heidegger by Peter Sloterdijk translated by Ian Alexander Moore and Christopher Turner

A good comb : the sayings of Muriel Spark

A Good Comb: The Sayings Of Muriel Spark edited by Penelope Jardine

The new Oxford Shakespeare : the complete works

The New Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works edited by Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, Gabriael Egan

In the world interior of capital : for a philosophical theory of globalization

In The World Interior Of Capital by Peter Sloterdijk

The courage of hopelessness : a year of acting dangerously

The Courage Of Hopelessness: A Year Of Acting Dangerously by Slavoj Zizek



By Joshua Dullaghan

For the 2017-18 academic year, I kept the graphic art print “Apollo” in my office.  It became a wonderful talking point with students, faculty, and staff.  I look forward to next year and can’t wait to see what piece might adorn my office for 2018-19.  I greatly appreciate the Morrison Library for providing this opportunity.

Eduardo Paolozzi’s Experience


By Andrew Stevens

I borrowed artwork from the GALC every year during my time at Berkeley as a graduate student. The GALC helped me realize that “Art” – curated, original, unique art – is something that can be accessible and engaged with on a personal level. One ought not believe that “Art” is only for museums or the wealthy. Indeed, I have now decided to try and buy original art from emerging artists to decorate my home rather than purchase mass-produced plastic canvases from big-box stores. The GALC had a large role in shaping my views on how one can choose to engage with art.

John August Swanson’s Rainy Day

Rainy Day

By Nick Pingitore

The GALC is something unique to Cal. Although it is a relatively small part of a massive university, it is one of the many things that collectively make it the amazing place it is. It’s simply amazing that anyone with a student ID can check out artwork of almost any subject and bring a little piece of Cal back into their dorm room or apartment for the year.  I love it!

Mary Lovelace O’Neal’s Dark Day In The Abundant Blue Light Of Paris

Dark Day in the Abundant Blue Light of Paris

By Michele Rabkin

I came to work on the UC Berkeley campus in 1999 as the first Associate Director of the Consortium for the Arts, which later became the Arts Research Center. Since it was my job to be aware of all the arts resources on campus, naturally I learned about the Graphic Arts Loan Collection. I was thrilled to be able to check out works of art and hang them in my office for an entire semester! I borrowed quite a few different pieces over the years, including “Dark Day in the Abundant Blue Light of Paris” by Mary Lovelace O’Neal  (now a Professor Emeritus), who at the time was Chair of the Department of Art Practice. This print is beautiful, moody and mysterious. Looking at her artwork every day was a great reminder that many of the faculty with whom I worked regularly in an administrative capacity–sitting in meetings, trading emails, organizing panel discussions–were also practicing artists, anxious to escape the university bureaucracy and pursue their creative visions. Looking away from my computer screen and gazing at an imaginative work of art was a great way for me to refresh myself, gain some distance on the daily grind, and re-focus on the most important priorities.