New books from Panama @ Doe Library

Below are some of the new purchases of the books from Panama for your consideration. The books from Panama are important as the country represents both the cultural bridge between the Central and South America. These books also are from the different genres and represent a broad spectrum of Panamanian publishing today. In the times of budgetary limits, I try to rely on the consultations with the faculty, students and of course the specialists in the field. These images are for educational purposes only and can be accessed here or by clicking on the icon below.

The news from CRL

As the member of the CRL, at UC Berkeley Library, we often use the resources that are loanable through the ILL or the digital resources that are available to us through CRL. I am glad to announce that we now have access to the following two important digital resources. One can authenticate using the VPN or EZ proxy to access these from an off-campus location.

I am pleased to report that the CRL has released of a new digital collection, the Mexican Intelligence Digital Archives (MIDAS). The collection will be hosted in cooperation with Northwestern University, El Colegio de México, and Artículo 19. MIDAS is an open-access online database of historical documents drawn from Mexican intelligence agencies. And the second is that of the digital version of the El Libertador: órgano del Frente Popular Libertador from Guatemala.

One can access the Mexican Intelligence Digital Archives (MIDAS) by clicking on the icon below provided one has authenticated using the UC Berkeley’s Proxy or VPN if accessing from a off-campus location.


Select new books from México and the creations from cardboard- new Cartonera books from México

The year 1968 was a momentous year throughout our world, and some of us remember the México 68 group, a student group that protested against the rule of the PRI on the eve of Mexican Olympics. We received a new batch of wonderful creations from the cardboard- Cartonera books from Mexico. In accordance to our libraries new initiative about telling our stories, we have decided to collect the Cartonera books. These are often overlooked by some as a sort of marginal, ephemeral creations from the cardboard. However, these objects narrate multiple stories. Please click on the image below to get access to the selected images of our Cartonera books from México. The tragic events that took place in Mexico cannot be forgotten.

We also received an new batch of  Mexican books from several regional as well as CDMX publishers. These can be seen by clicking on the image below.

New books from Brazil

I was inspired after the visit by the former president of Brazil- Dilma Rousseff to our campus. And I thought that it might be a good idea to re-start within our means the Brazilian collection development at UC Berkeley. To this end, a limited approval plan of Brazilan books was established. With the recent arrival of Professor Nathaniel Wolfson in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, I am looking forward to continuing the targeted collection development of our Brazilian books with a special focus on the Nordeste. I strongly believe that this will help me to meet the research needs of our students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Below are some of the new books from Brazil that have come in this week. Please click on the icon to get access to the photos of the selected book. If you would like to recommend something for purchase please feel free to contact me directly.

I live you with an interesting 2014 interview of Marcelo Lima by Professor Wolfson.

New books from Bolivia @ Doe Library

Here are some new books from Bolivia that we have received this week. Among them there are several interesting titles such as the volume 5 of the selected works of historian Xavier Albó. We have the first four volumes of his historical works. The other interesting historical work is “Memorias Culturales de la Villa Imperial de Potosí,” by Marco Antonio Flores Peca. One can see the selected images of new Bolivian books by clicking on the icon below.


News from the Caribbean and Latin American Studies Librarian (FALL 2018)

Welcome to the beginning of the Fall Semester at UC Berkeley, as your librarian for the Caribbean and Latin American Collections at the Doe Library, I wanted to provide you with some information on sources that will aid you in your research. I am here for your reference needs and you may contact me at your convenience.

Please see below for some information about the select Newly Acquired Digital Sources in the Caribbean and Latin America at UC Berkeley. Please authenticate using the proxy or VPN while accessing these sources from an off-campus location.

The Golden Age of Mexican cinema is illuminated in this collection of popular movie periodicals. It includes magazines such as Cinema Reporter (1943-1965), Cine Mundial (1951-1955), and El Cine Gráfico. From the Archives of the Filmoteca of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Primary-source collection of ca. 45,000 fully searchable documents from the Casa de las Américas in Havana, documenting the culture and cultural relations of Revolutionary Cuba and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Includes articles, newspaper clippings, cable messages, interviews, conference memorabilia, etc. (Brill) [1959 to present]

This collection contains over 930+ periodicals that have been accumulated by the Austrian anarchist, historian and collector Max Nettlau (1865-1944), together with a number of later additions, held at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. The collection of 971 titles provides a richness of documentation pertaining explicitly to the formative anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist episode in the history of Latin American labor movements. (Brill) [1890-1920]

Spanning more than four hundred years, The Guatemala Collection concentrates primarily on the national era, particularly 1824-1948. [full date range: 1587-1991]


Each week, I try and update this blog to provide information about the newly received books on Latin America. These books will be cataloged and made available for you to use. You can find the latest cataloged books from the Caribbean and Latin America here.

We also are the member of the Center for Research Libraries and our students, and faculty can request materials from their extremely rich collections on the Caribbean and Latin America. One can search their catalog here.

There are three new initiatives, I will be launching this Fall semester.

One of them is starting the collection of the Cartonera books from the region. More information on Cartonera books can be found here. One can locate our current collection of Cartonera books by searching for the title = Latin American cartonera collection. CU.

The second initiative is that of rejuvenating our Latin American Graphic Novels collection. I will be collaborating closely with my colleague who is responsible for Romane language collections and collects the graphic novels from Spain. Stay tuned.

The third initiative is to collect and relaunch our general collection of books from Mexico. If you have any purchase recommendations or need help with orienting your students with our library, its Latin American collections, please drop me a line. I also can provide one on one research consultations as needed.

For your copyright queries, open access publishing and other scholarly communications-related needs please contact library’s scholarly communications team.

I wish you an excellent start of the Fall 2018 Semester!

New books from the Southern Cone: Brazil and Uruguay

We are about to embark upon the new semester as the summer is almost over. I wanted to wish everyone a productive and healthy upcoming semester. I am leaving you with two albums of books that we received from Brazil and Uruguay. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and the diversity that Latin America represents through the cultural markers like books. I hope that you can enjoy these pictures.

Please also click on the icons below to access the books from Brazil and Uruguay!

The books from Uruguay, have several books on the Afro-Uruguayans and their cultural contributions to Uruguay.

New books from Guatemala (Central America)

The need for academic and research level books from Central America has become more relevant in the light of several events that are affecting the whole region. For example, today it was reported that Guatemala’s Police Archive is under threat of destruction. I understand that we do have a digital surrogate of the same archive at the University of Texas. The project was made possible due to international collaboration among various partners. The question then arises, how should one at UC Berkeley’s Library go about collecting the books from Central America when the region seems to be constantly undergoing political and economic changes. What role can a librarian like me play in collecting and preserving the print heritage of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama in light of the constant budgetary new normal?

The answer lay in the fact that I consulted with the faculty and the students, and other interested colleagues in the library who are interested in seeing that this collection thrives. Today, I continue to selectively build our Central American collection. Here are some of the books that we have received from Guatemala. These include several bilingual titles in Spanish and Maya, as well as several works of award-winning poets.  Please click here or on the icon below to access the whole album. There are several difficult to find “Cartonera items” that will be cataloged with the note: Latin American cartonera collection. CU

RIP: The Indian from the Caribbean: Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul!

Growing up as a child in India, I was somehow always attracted to Latin America and the Caribbean. I used to dream about one day being able to visit the new world and get myself acquainted with its cultural and literary landscape. I remember reading V.S. Naipaul while commuting to school on a packed local railway train. Rain or shine, V.S. Naipaul was with me. I had always thought of him as an Indian author or as it is now politically correct to say- South Asian author. In India, I was not aware that I was South Asian…

I used to be confused about Mr. Biswas, how can he be not-Indian?

Later on, I realized that Sir Vidiadhar (and I am Liladhar) Surajprasad Naipaul was from Trinidad and of Indian descent. Today, I was shocked to hear of his passing. While I did not severely agree with this statements on several issues, his writings had captivated me during my Mumbai cycle. I found his view disturbing and unacceptable.  His book with the title-The loss of El Dorado; a history, made me think of those who settled, brought to Trinidad and Tobago, and founded the nation away from home. The unique blend of spices, religion, ethnicities all tied together in the tapestry of colonial experience in the Caribbean- such was my erroneous and naive understanding of El Dorado. I tried to read his Guerillas also but did not complete reading it.

As the librarian for the Caribbean and Latin American Collections, I realize that Latin America just like Eastern Europe and South Asia is endless and it is not defined by one language. There are the other Caribbeans and Latin Americans whose experiences are as valid as of those who linguistically dominate the continent.

RIP V.S. Naipaul! Thank you for introducing South Asia to me just like Octavio Paz introduced his India to me.






New books from the resilient Puerto Rico! Viva la Isla!

We all remember the disaster in the name of the hurricane Maria that stuck our own Puerto Rico and how its population survived the destruction and doom. Despite the desolation, the spirit of la Isla keeps on going on through its cultural production. The cultural production that Puerto Rico continues to produce despite the infrastructure that is getting resurrected slowly is ultimately inspiring. Today, I present you with the several new books that we just received from Puerto Rico. The diversity of high-quality publications that Puerto Rico produces will become self-evident once you start browsing the album below.

There are several books on history, literature, folklore, and LGBTQ issues. Until I am entrusted with this current job, I promise to build an excellent collection of Puerto Rican publications on the West Coast!

Feeling inspired by the resilience and the spirit of Puerto Rican culture is very much needed in our lives!  Please click on the icon below to access the rest of the photos!