Community and RDM at CarpentryCon 2018

Between both organizations, Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry have more than two decades of experience teaching foundational computing and data science skills to researchers through their volunteer-led workshops. In 2018, these organizations merged to become the Carpentries, and at the end of May, Research Data Management team members and Carpentry instructors Scott Peterson, who is also the Head of the Morrison Library and Graduate Services Library, and Josh Quan, who is the Library’s Data Librarian, attended the first CarpentryCon at University College Dublin in Ireland.  This event brought together Carpentry members from across the globe to share knowledge, develop skills, and strategize about how to build strong local communities around teaching computational skills and good data practices that can have long lasting and far reaching effects for researchers. The theme of the conference was building locally and connecting globally, which were central to the keynotes, trainings, workshops, poster session, lightning talks, and meet-ups that featured views and ideas from all parts of the world.

CarpentryCon 2018 group

Photo by Berenice Batut

With a volunteer base coming from more than 60 member organizations spread out over 10 countries, community and diversity are what keep the Carpentries moving forward. Valerie Aurora’s opening keynote, Focus On Allies, set the tone for the inclusiveness of this conference by delineating ways to make sure everyone’s voice is not just heard, but listened to. Her guidelines for and approaches to confronting institutional inequity by empowering targets, those in the minority, and identifying allies, those with the social capital and sensitivity to influence change, produced examples of how to run better meetings where everyone has a voice, and how to engage with colleagues who refuse to see the need for change. By focusing on changing the culture of just “checking the box” on diversity and inclusion that can be found in tech companies and academia, Valerie’s keynote reminded everyone that the conference was  not just about improving how computing and data science can be taught, but on how they can be taught to everyone equally.

Greg Wilson, the founder of Software Carpentry, gave a keynote echoing some of Valerie’s concerns by pointing out that to change the system, you need to organize and fight, as “inertia is the fifth element of the the universe.” While Greg spoke about this challenge in starting Software Carpentry, his keynote was focused on endings and how the merger of the two carpentries signaled  it was now time to leave things in someone else’s hands. He gave the audience his ten simple rules for leaving, and noted that the English language doesn’t have a word that is the opposite of mistake. He reminded everyone that the most important part about the Carpentries was that it was teaching people how to teach, and in order to keep things fresh, change one thing every time you teach to make the instruction seem new.

Other highlights included  keynote presentations by Desmond Higgins and Anelda van der Walt. Desmond’s presentation on the history of the Clustal Package served as an example of what needs to be done to keep a project, program, or tool relevant over the long term. Andela van der Walt’s keynote, It Takes a Global Village, was an overview on the Carpentries in Africa. In order to provide a more complete view of such a large continent, after an introductory speech about the Carpentries Africa task force, Andela turned her keynote over to members of the task force to discuss their activities  in their respective African countries. Mesfin Diro, Lactatia Motsuku, Erika Mias, Katrin Tirok, Caroline F. Ajilogba, Kayleigh Lino, and Juan Steyn spoke about building vibrant R and Python communities in Ethiopia and South Africa, what is was like to be a part of the Africa Carpentries instructor community, how the task force is supporting instructors in Africa, the diversity of the disciplines, languages, and cultures of the learners taking Carpentry workshops in African countries, and how they have found funding to put on these workshops. The international reputation of the Carpenties was on full display through the many different voices in this keynote. These presentations brought the theme of building locally and connecting globally to the forefront, as the Carpentries Africa task force members demonstrated how they were able to connect their various communities across Africa in order for the Carpenties to have a greater impact globally. Both Anelda’s and Desmond’s keynotes exhibited how dedication, perseverance, and teamwork are necessary for sustainability across projects and organizations.

CarpentryCon 2018

Photo by Berenice Batut

Library Carpentry is the latest Carpentry to become involved with the Carpentries, and over the three days there were a few session that focused on teaching computing skills to librarians. A session on the incubation period of Library Carpentry outlined what is needed in creating a Carpentry. This backstory about Library Carpentry and what needs to be asked in order to create a set of successful workshops for another Carpentry community was nicely bookended two days later with a session on Library Carpentry onboarding that focused on what Library Carpentry needs to do going forward to make an even greater impact in training librarians across the world. A lightning talk on upskilling librarians in South Africa and a session on teaching the Carpentries in a university were also helpful in seeing how teaching Carpentry lessons for library staff at UC Berkeley might be done. Additionally, Josh Quan, UC Berkeley Data Librarian as well as RDM team member, presented a poster sharing the results of an undergraduate library fellowship program that integrated Carpentry teaching principles such as lesson design, cognitive load, and learner motivation into the curriculum. Sessions on FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles and an incubating HPC (High Performance Computing) Carpentry were also very useful in seeing how other places tackle issues relevant to RDM and Berkeley Research Computing at UC Berkeley.

The growth and impact the Carpentries are having across the world was demonstrated over the three days of CarpentryCon. This growth has created new challenges for the Carpentries though, and during the conference Tracy addressed the state of the Carpentries and the communication strategies being developed to deal with this growth. The new website, the Carpentries Handbook, and the Carpentry Clippings newsletter have been developed in the last year to help members find answers to questions they might have. There are also weekly discussion sessions that members can join to keep in touch with others in the Carpentries. Tracy stressed that training and community of practice are the Carpentries strength, and one can always reach out to it when you don’t know the answer. This is the power of a strong community, and this is something researchers working with data and technology need. CarpentryCon reinforced what a strong community can accomplish, and the ideas and practices at CarpentryCon can be used to strengthen the Carpentry and RDM communities that exists between the UC Berkeley Library, the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the UC Berkeley campus as a whole.

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Angel catbird

Angel Catbird Volume 1 by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with an introduction by Margaret Atwood

Angel Catbird, vol. 2 : to Castle Catula

Angel Catbird Volume 2: To Castle Catula by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with a foreword by G. Willow Wilson

Angel Catbird. Vol. 3, The Catbird roars

Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars by Margaret Atwood and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas with a foreword by Kelly Sue DeConnick

The letters of T.S. Eliot / Volume 7, 1934-1935 / edited by Valerie Eliot and John Haffenden.

The letters of T.S. Eliot Volume 7: 1934-1935 edited by Valerie Eliot and John Haffenden

Collected essays of the 1960s

Collected Essays Of The 1960s by Norman Mailer edited by J. Michael Lennon

Norman Mailer : four books of the 1960s

Four Books Of The 1960s: An American Dream, Why Are We Still In Vietnam?, The Armies Of The Night, Miami And The Siege Of Chicago by Norman Mailer edited by J. Michael Lennon

Moby-Dick : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism

Moby-Dick by Herman Melville (Third Norton Critical Edition) edited by Hershel Parker

Second childhood

Second Childhood by John Montague

Please, Louise

Please, Louise by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison illustrated by Shadra Strickland

With shuddering fall : a novel

With Shuddering Fall by Joyce Carol Oates

Orwell on truth

Orwell On Truth by George Orwell with an introduction by Adam Hochschild

Visiting Edna by David Rabe

Visiting Edna by David Rabe

The luck of friendship : the letters of Tennessee Williams and James Laughlin

The Luck Of Friendship: The Letters Of Tennessee Williams And James Laughlin edited by Peggy L. Fox and Thomas Keith

Night and day

Night And Day by Virginia Woolf (The Cambridge Edition Of The Works Of Virginia Woolf) edited by Michael H. Whitworth

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In June

John ashbery: collected poems 1991-2000 - library of america #297.

Collected Poems 1991-2000 by John Ashbery edited by Mark Ford

They knew what they wanted : poems & collages

They Knew What They Wanted: Poems & Collages by John Ashbery

A dictionary of critical theory

Oxford Dictionary Of Critical Theory (Second Edition) by Ian Buchanan

A vision of battlements

A Vision Of Battlements by Anthony Burgess edited with an introduction and notes by Andrew Biswell

The children's Homer : the adventures of Odysseus and the tale of Troy

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Children’s Homer: The Adventures Of Odysseus And The Tale Of Troy by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

The children of Odin : the book of northern myths

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Children Of Odin: The Book Of Northern Myths by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

Gods, goddesses, and mythical beasts collection : the golden fleece

The Gods, Goddesses, And Mythical Beasts Collection: The Golden Fleece And The Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles by Padraic Colum and illustrated by Willy Pogany

Alienation and Freedom.

Alienation And Freedom by Frantz Fanon edited and compiled by Jean Khalfa and Robert J.C. Young, translated by Steven Corcoran

Chicago : a novel

Chicago: A Novel by David Mamet

Image result for The Penitent by David Mamet

The Penitent: A Play by David Mamet

Carson McCullers : stories, plays & other writings

Stories, Plays & Other Writings by Carson McCullers edited by Carlos L. Dews

Night-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense. by Joyce Carol Oates

Night-Gaunts And Other Tales Of Suspense by Joyce Carol Oates

Conjugating Hindi

Conjugating Hindi by Ishmael Reed

Rage and time : a psychopolitical investigation

Rage And Time: A Psychopolitical Investigation by Peter Sloterdijk translated by Mario Wenning

Essays, articles, and reviews, 1922-1934

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 26: Essays, Articles, And Reviews 1922-1934 edited by Donat Gallagher

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Plays : 10

Plays: 10: DEA, The Testament Of This Day, The Price Of One, The Angry Roads, The Hungry Bowl by Edward Bond with an introduction by the author

Image result for derrida advances

Advances by Jacques Derrida translated with an introduction by Philippe Lynes

The messages we send : social signals and storytelling

The Messages We Send: Social Signals And Storytelling by G.R.F. Ferrari

Telling it like it wasn't : the counterfactual imagination in history and fiction

Telling It Like It Wasn’t: The Counterfactual Imagination In History And Fiction by Catherine Gallagher

Acoustic properties radio, narrative, and the new neighborhood of the Americas

Acoustic Properties: Radio, Narrative, And The New Neighborhood Of The Americas by Tom McEnaney

Not saved : essays after Heidegger

Not Saved: Essays After Heidegger by Peter Sloterdijk translated by Ian Alexander Moore and Christopher Turner

A good comb : the sayings of Muriel Spark

A Good Comb: The Sayings Of Muriel Spark edited by Penelope Jardine

The new Oxford Shakespeare : the complete works

The New Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works edited by Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, Gabriael Egan

In the world interior of capital : for a philosophical theory of globalization

In The World Interior Of Capital by Peter Sloterdijk

The courage of hopelessness : a year of acting dangerously

The Courage Of Hopelessness: A Year Of Acting Dangerously by Slavoj Zizek

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In April

Aesthetics : 1958/59

Aesthetics 1958/59 by Theodor W. Adorno edited by Eberhard Ortland and translated by Wieland Hoban

What is philosophy?

What Is Philosophy? by Giorgio Agamben

The complete poems of A.R. Ammons

The Complete Poems Of A.R. Ammons Volume 1: 1955-1977 edited by Robert M. West with an introduction by Helen Vendler

Complete poems of a. r. ammons - volume 2 1978-2005.

The Complete Poems Of A.R. Ammons Volume 2: 1978-2005 edited by Robert M. West with an introduction by Helen Vendler

Port William novels & stories : the Civil War to World War II

Port William Novels And Stories: The Civil War To World War II by Wendell Berry edited by Jack Shoemaker

The history of the European migration regime : Germany's strategic hegemony

The History Of The European Migration Regime: Germany’s Strategic Hegemony by Emmanuel Comte

The Norton anthology of western philosophy : after Kant

The Norton Anthology Of Western Philosophy: After Kant: The Analytic Tradition edited by James Conant and Jay Elliott

Freud : the making of an illusion

Freud: The Making Of An Illusion by Frederick Crews

Spectacular Disappearances : Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801

Spectacular Disappearances: Celebrity And Privacy, 1696-1801 by Julia H. Fawcett

Last kiss

The Cambridge Edition Of The Works Of F. Scott Fitzgerald: Last Kiss edited by James L. W. West III

Women, compulsion, modernity : the moment of American naturalism

Women, Compulsion, Modernity: The Moment Of American Naturalism by Jennifer L. Fleissner

Subjectivity and truth - lectures at the college de france, 1980-1981.

Subjectivity And Truth: Lectures At The College De France 1980-1981 by Michel Foucault

Sweet Science Romantic Materialism and the New Logics of Life

Sweet Science: Romantic Materialism And The New Logics Of Life by Amanda Jo Goldstein

The Construct of Identity in Hellenistic Judaism Essays on Early Jewish Literature and History

The Construct Of Identity In Hellenistic Judaism: Essays On Early Jewish Literature And History by Erich S. Gruen

Ponderings. [Volume 3], XII-XV, 1939-1941 : Black notebooks

Ponderings XII-XV: Black Notebooks 1939-1941 by Martin Heidegger translated by Richard Rojcewicz

Protestants abroad how missionaries tried to change the world but changed America

Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried To Change The World But Changed America by David A. Hollinger

Death be not proud : the art of holy attention

Death Be Not Proud: The Art Of Holy Attention by David Marno

New collected poems

New Collected Poems by Marianne Moore edited by Heather Cass White

Beautiful days : stories

Beautiful Days: Stories by Joyce Carol Oates

What Are We Doing Here? Essays.

What Are We Doing Here?: Essays by Marilynne Robinson

Norton anthology of western philosophy: after kant.

The Norton Anthology Of Western Philosophy: After Kant: The Interpretive Tradition edited by Richard Schacht

Reading in detail : aesthetics and the feminine.

Reading In Detail: Aesthetics And The Feminine by Naomi Schor

Bernard Shaw and William Archer

Selected Correspondences Of Bernard Shaw: Bernard Shaw And William Archer edited by Thomas Postlewait

Spy of the first person by Sam Shepard

Spy Of The First Person by Sam Shepard

House of Government.

The House Of Government: A Saga Of The Russian Revolution by Yuri Slezkine

Improvised continent : Pan-Americanism and cultural exchange

Improvised Continent: Pan-Americanism And Cultural Exchange by Richard Candida Smith

Joe Hill : a biographical novel

Joe Hill: A Biographical Novel by Wallace Stegner

The origins of the Chinese nation. Song China and the forging of an East Asian world order.

The Origins Of The Chinese Nation: Song China And The Forging Of An East Asian World Order by Nicolas Tackett


The Rhetoric Of Hiddenness In Traditional Chinese Culture edited by Paula M. Varsano

Tracking the banished immortal : the poetry of Li Bo and its critical reception

Tracking The Banished Immortal: The Poetry Of Li Bo And Its Critical Reception by Paula M. Varsano

Personal writings 1903-1921 : precocious Waughs

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 30: Personal Writings 1903-1921: Precocious Waughs edited by Alexander Waugh and Alan Bell

Vile bodies

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 2: Vile Bodies edited by Martin Stannard

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Volume VIII, The short fiction

The Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde Volume VIII: The Short Fiction edited by Ian Small

Al que quiere! : a centennial edition

Al Que Quiere! A Book Of Poems by William Carlos Williams

The voyage of thought : navigating knowledge across the sixteenth-century world

The Voyage Of Thought: Navigating Knowledge Across The Sixteenth-Century World by Michael Wintroub

The Illustrated Letters of Virginia Woolf.

The Illustrated Letters Of Virginia Woolf selected and introduced by Frances Spalding

A final story. Science, myth, and beginnings.

A Final Story: Science, Myth And Beginnings by Nasser Zakariya

Incontinence of the void : economico-philosophical spandrels

The Incontinence Of The Void: Economico-Philosophical Spandrels by Slavoj Zizek

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Complete film criticism : reviews, essays, and manuscripts

Complete Film Criticism: Reviews, Essays, And Manuscripts by James Agee edited by Charles Maland

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 1, 1000-1350, conquest and transformation

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 1: 1000-1350: Conquest And Transformation by Laura Ashe

Half-Light : Collected Poems 1965-2016

Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 by Frank Bidart

Image result for Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience

Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience edited by Nora Brooks Blakely and Cynthia A. Walls with illustrations by Jon Spivey Gilchrist

The pianoplayers

The Irwell Edition Of The Works Of Anthony Burgess: The Pianoplayers edited with an introduction by Will Carr

A history of European literature : the West and the world from antiquity to the present

A History Of European Literature: The West And The World From Antiquity To The Present by Walter Cohen

C. Day-Lewis - The golden bridle : selected prose

The Golden Bridle: Selected Prose by C. Day-Lewis edited by Albert Gelpi and Bernard O’Donoghue

From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square : Kongo dances and the origins of the Mardi Gras Indians

From The Kingdom Of Kongo To Congo Square: Kongo Dances And The Origin Of The Mardi Gras Indians by Jeroen Dewulf

Imagining persons : Robert Duncan's lectures on Charles Olson

Imagining Persons: Robert Duncan’s Lectures On Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

An open map : the correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

An Open Map: The Correspondence Of Robert Duncan And Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 5, 1645-1714, the later seventeenth century

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 5: 1645-1714: The Later Seventeenth Century by Margaret J. M. Ezell

Big Book of the Continental Op. by Dashiell Hammett

The Big Book Of The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett edited by Richard Layman and Julie M. Rivett


Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

The short stories of Ernest Hemingway the Hemingway library edition

The Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway edited with an introduction by Sean Hemingway and a foreword by Patrick Hemingway

Why Are We in Vietnam?

Why Are We In Vietnam by Norman Mailer with a foreword by Maggie McKinley

A saturnalia of bunk : selections from The free lance, 1911-1915

A Saturnalia Of Bunk: Selections From The Free Lance 1911-1915 by H. L. Mencken edited by S. T. Joshi

No villain by Arthur Miller

No Villain by Arthur Miller

Hidden Hitchcock

Hidden Hitchcock by D. A. Miller

Insomniac dreams : experiments with time

Insomniac Dreams: Experiments In Time by Vladimir Nabokov compiled, edited, and with a commentaries by Gennady Barabtarlo

Good for Otto by David Rabe

Good For Otto by David Rabe

Visiting Edna; and Good For Otto : two plays

Visiting Edna And Good For Otto: Two Plays by David Rabe

The golden house a novel

The Golden House by Salman Rushdie


1668: The Year Of The Animal In France by Peter Sahlins

Conversations with Gary Snyder

Conversations With Gary Snyder edited by Stephen Calonne

Accidental orientalists : modern italian travelers in Ottoman lands

Accidental Orientalists: Modern Italian Travelers In Ottoman Lands by Barbara Spackman

The Wheels Of Chance: With A Student Guide To The Historical And Social Context Of The Novel by H. G. Wells with an introduction and notes by Jeremy Withers

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In February

Three plays

Three Plays by Edward Albee

Death of a hero

Death Of A Hero by Richard Aldington with an introduction by James H. Meredith

Giovanni's room

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

Somebody blew up America & other poems

Somebody Blew Up America And Other Poems by Amiri Baraka

The dream songs

The Dream Songs by John Berryman with an introduction by Michael Hofmann

Victory : an island tale

Victory: An Island Tale by Joseph Conrad with in an introduction by John Gray and notes and appendix by Robert Hampson

The enormous room

The Enormous Room by E.E. Cummings edited by George James Firmage, an introduction by Susan Cheever, and an afterword by Richard S. Kennedy

The Ariel poems

The Ariel Poems by T.S. Eliot with an note on the text by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

Mr. Mistoffelees : the Conjuring Cat

Mr. Mistoffelees: The Conjuring Cat by T.S. Eilot and Arthur Robins

Ferlinghetti's greatest poems

Ferlinghetti’s Greatest Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti edited by Nancy J. Peters


Concluding by Henry Green with an introduction by Eudora Welty


Doting by Henry Green with an introduction by Michael Gorra

Image result for john hawkes travesty

Travesty by John Hawkes

Selected poems, 1966-1987

Selected Poems 1966-1987 by Seamus Heaney

The unfollowing

The Unfollowing by Lyn Hejinian

After the fireworks : three novellas

After The Fireworks: Three Novellas by Aldous Huxley with a forward by Gary Giddins

Christopher and his kind : 1929-1939

Christopher And His Kind 1929-1939 by Christopher Isherwood

Sioc Maidine: Morning Frost.

Morning Frost: Haiku by Jack Kerouac translated by Gabriel Rosenstock

Collected poems

Collected Poems by Galway Kinnell with an introduction by Edward Hirsch

The nothing

The Nothing by Hanif Kureishi

New selected poems

New Selected Poems by Robert Lowell edited by Katie Peterson

Waste of timelessness and other early stories

Waste Of Timelessness And Other Early Stories by Anais Nin with a foreword by Gunther Stuhlmann and an introduction by Allison Pease

A subject of scandal and concern ; &, Almost a vision

A Subject Of Scandal And Concern & Almost A Vision by John Osborne

Image result for The letters of Sylvia Plath / edited by Peter K. Steinberg and Karen V. Kukil.

The Letters Of Sylvia Plath Volume 1: 1940-1956 edited by Peter K. Steinberg and Karen V. Kukil

Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys with an introduction by Edwidge Danticat

Once and for all : the best of Delmore Schwartz

Once and For All: The Best Of Delmore Schwartz edited by Craig Morgan and an introduction by John Ashbery

Neil Simon's Musical fools

Neil Simon’s Musical Fools by Neil Simon, Phil Swann, and Ron West

The collected poems of Wallace Stevens

The Collected Poems Of Wallace Stevens (The Corrected Edition) edited by John N. Serio and Chris Beyers

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard with a new preface by the Author

Peter Taylor : complete stories 1938-1959

The Complete Stories: 1938-1959 by Peter Taylor edited by Ann Beattie

Peter Taylor : complete stories 1960-1992

The Complete Stories: 1960-1992 by Peter Taylor edited by Ann Beattie

Historians on history : readings

Historians On History (3rd Edition) edited by John Tosh

The complete works of Evelyn WaughnVol. 19, A little learning

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 19: A Little Learning edited by John Howard Wilson and Barbara Cooke

Ann Veronica : a modern romance

Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells edited by Carey J. Synder

The invisible man

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells edited with an introduction by Matthew Beaumont

The essential W.S. Merwin

The Essential W.S. Merwin edited by Michael Wiegers


Summer by Edith Wharton edited with an introduction and notes by Laura Rattray

Lanford Wilson : early stories, sketches, and poems

Lanford Wilson: Early Stories, Sketches, And Poems edited by David A. Crespy with an afterword by Marshall W. Mason

The wild swans at Coole (1919) : a facsimile edition

The Wild Swans At Coole: A Facsimile Edition by W.B. Yeats with an introduction and notes by George Bornstein

New Books Added To The Graduate Services Modern Authors Collection In January

Image result for Alteration Kingsley Amis William Gibson

The Alteration by Kingsley Amis with an introduction by William Gibson

Dear illusion : collected stories

Dear Illusion: Collected Stories by Kingsley Amis with a foreword by Rachel Cusk

Girl, 20

Girl, 20 by Kingsley Amis with an introduction by Howard Jacobson

One fat Englishman

One Fat Englishman by Kingsley Amis with an introduction by David Lodge

The system of Dante's Hell : a novel

The System Of Dante’s Hell by Amiri Baraka with an introduction by Woodie King Jr.

Tales : short stories

Tales: Short Stories by Amiri Baraka

Collected stories

Collected Stories by Saul Bellow edited by Janis Bellow with an introduction by James Wood


Herzog by Saul Bellow with an introduction by Philip Roth


Ravelstein by Saul Bellow with an introduction by Gary Shteyngart

James Joyce The Dover Reader.

The Dover James Joyce Reader by James Joyce


Dubliners by James Joyce edited by Keri Walsh

A portrait of the artist as a young man

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man by James Joyce with a foreword by Karl Ove Knausgaard


Ulysses (Dublin Illustrated Edition) by James Joyce with an introduction by Bob Joyce and illustrated by Emma Byrne

Seduction of the Minotaur

Seduction Of The Minotaur by Anais Nin with an introduction by Anita Jarczok

Under a glass bell and other stories

Under A Glass Bell by Anais Nin with an introduction by Elizabeth Podnieks

Appointment in Samarra

Appointment In Samarra by John O’Hara with an introduction by Charles McGrath

The New York stories

The New York Stories by John O’Hara edited with an introduction by Steven Goldleaf and a foreword by E.L. Doctorow

Pal Joey : the novel and the libretto and lyrics

Pal Joey: The Novel And The Libretto And Lyrics by John O’Hara with a foreword by Thomas Mallon


Cathay (The Centennial Edition) by Ezra Pound edited with an introduction by Zhaoming Qian

Posthumous cantos

Posthumous Cantos by Ezra Pound edited by Massimo Bacigalupo

Afternoon men

Afternoon Men by Anthony Powell with a foreword by Ed Park

Venusberg : a novel

Venusberg by Anthony Powell with a foreword by Levi Stahl

The poems of Dylan Thomas

The Poems of Dylan Thomas (Centenary Edition) edited and annotated by John Goodby

Under milk wood : a play for voices

Under Milk Wood: A Play For Voices by Dylan Thomas edited by Walford Davis and Ralph Maud

The island of Doctor Moreau

The Island Of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells edited with an introduction and notes by Darryl Jones

The time machine

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells edited with an introduction and notes by Roger Luckhurst